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Building technologies

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By constructing a new building in a city's interior rather than on its outskirts, the employees at the new building are more closely located to other businesses they will use (restaurants, stores, etc.) This reduces their need to drive to these businesses, which cuts the amount of miles they drive each day. Many infill development programs occur in conjunction with the expansion of mass transit, further reducing pollution and traffic congestion.



Through the use of an old drawing from 1970 when the mall was originally built, we had a general idea where the utilities would be. We pot-holed areas where we thought the utilities should be to locate them, and then used appropriate best management practices to expose and protect the utility lines as site work progressed. Prior contact with the utility companies was also helpful to finally identify these lines so our workers could proceed on with prepping the site and locating the utility lines before they were damaged by the heavy equipment.



What will be done with the obsolete building's materials as it is demolished? Are there any asbestos issues to be addressed? Is the existing water / sewer / power infrastructure sufficient to support the new building's operations? How do you minimize and mitigate interruption to the normal business operations of neighboring businesses?



Doors are also rated in hourly increments over three hours, but these ratings are not often used because of their cost. See NFPA 252 Chapter 8 and Section for detailed information on the test and ratings.
Photo 1 shows a sample of the construction of a wooden panel door commonly used in residential and business occupancies. This type of door cannot meet the test for fire rating under NFPA 252 because of the thin cross-sections of its panels where they join the rails and stiles. A modern door such as this one will be made up of many pieces of wood laminated together with the grain running in different directions so that it is less likely to warp. Older doors will be made up of solid wood rails and stiles with thin wood panels in between.